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The Story goes on!
by fgarber

Those of you who have been paying attention in Literature Class may have noticed that we're entering a little bit of the "Dark Night of the Soul" with Underverse!  That's right, we're moving from Act 2 into Act Three, the big ending.  However, you have about two years of Underverse left!  Not time to panic. In addition, while Underverse was always a complete script from beginning to end, what kind of author would I be if I didn't have a second script in the works?   That's right, Underverse Volume Two, announced now, will premier in about two years!  Until then, keep reading, and keep spreading the word!   Thanks for following along so far!

Shameless Promotion
by fgarber

Hey, it's been a while since I did this: If you like this comic, or you think it's interesting: Talk about it, get your friends to read it, blog about it, rate it highly, if it's on a list somewherem vote for it, all that sort of stuff.  I have a pretty good, solid readsership each week, but wouldn't you like MORE people to be rading this?  You could be a trend setter!

Upgrading the Goblins
by fgarber

Yes, yes, I know the goblins are due for the hair and skin upgrade.  But look at the pretty invading army!  And check out Sebastian!  He's totally Bishy!!!!

Big Pimping!
by fgarber

So, it has been pointed out to me that I don't really advertise this webcomic.   I hate doing that.  Dear Readers, if YOU like this story or the art, tell your friends, blog about it, post links on Facebook, whatever you like!  Spread the word about Rhiannon and Benjamin!


Blender Hair Simulator
by fgarber

So, I think I got Rhiannon's eyebrows tamed in this comic.  BTW, I'm playing around with the cloth simulator for an animated project for next year, and it's really hard to get right!