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Please Rate my Comic!
by fgarber

Hey, if you're reading this, I have a favor to ask: Can you click on the comic, and there at the bottom is a thing that says "Rate this Comic!"  

Right now, I am at Zero Stars!  I would like to be a five Star comic!   Can you help me reach my goal?  You can!   Rate this comic!

Now, if you don't like this comic, and you want to rate it low, please leave me a comment or a message, explaining WHY you don't like my comic. Maybe I like feedback.

New Storyline
by fgarber

Hope you all liked the dramatic conclusion to Rhiannon's adventure across the Underverse!

Now it's time for that baby to grow up....   We're in Volume 2 / Book 5, the story of that baby, Prince "Aubie" Aberon Amunet, all grown up. 

Prince Auberon Amunet, last of the Old Sidhe, has grown up with high expectations behind high walls, until he felt his only option was just to run... How far must he go?


New Year
by fgarber

2015 is a great year for Underverse!   We're in Book 4 now, and it's time to stop running.  I should probably update the story so far, too.

End of Summer
by fgarber

Well, here we are at the end of another summer, and I wanted to say thank you to all those readers who have been there since Rhiannon and Benjamin stepped out of the plane.  That was over three years ago!  Let's keep going!

The Story goes on!
by fgarber

Those of you who have been paying attention in Literature Class may have noticed that we're entering a little bit of the "Dark Night of the Soul" with Underverse!  That's right, we're moving from Act 2 into Act Three, the big ending.  However, you have about two years of Underverse left!  Not time to panic. In addition, while Underverse was always a complete script from beginning to end, what kind of author would I be if I didn't have a second script in the works?   That's right, Underverse Volume Two, announced now, will premier in about two years!  Until then, keep reading, and keep spreading the word!   Thanks for following along so far!